Adam and I would like to simply thank you! 

Thank you for caring about the Network Marketing profession! 

Thank you for learning how to not be "That Guy!"

Thank you for representing the profession...PROFESSIONALLY!

We have a few resources to help you with network marketing etiquette, so take a scroll to see how we roll...

Resource 1: Don't Be "That Guy" in Network Marketing Book
Through humor and real-life stories, Don’t Be “That Guy” in Network Marketing will show you the 21 common mistakes that end up labeling people as “That Guy”. We share simple and tangible etiquette training to help you perform as a true professional, giving you increased results. Taking a pre-emptive strike and equipping you and your team with this book will:

• Accelerate Success: Increase results through effective action steps in every chapter.

• Alleviate Rejection: Avoid unnecessary rejection that comes from being “That Guy”.

• Elevate The Profession: Dramatically increase your level of professionalism, while improving the image of network marketing.

Resource 2:  Network Marketing Etiquette Videos
Go ahead, have a binge fest! 

Grab a bowl of extra butter popcorn. Heck, maybe even sprinkle some dark chocolate chips in there, and enjoy hours of video content. 

Not only is there a playlist for the Network Marketing Etiquette Series (coincides with each chapter in the Don't Be "That Guy" in Network Marketing book), but there are "infotainment" video playlists such a Myth Busters, Network Marketing Edition and Movie Motivation, which relates motivational messages with famous movie clips. 

There's so much to learn, might as well make it fun!
Resource 3: Cold Market Prospecting Made Easy E-Book
Have you ever met someone that would be your perfect business partner or customer while you were at the store or picking up your kids from school? 

• Did you know how to start the conversation? 

• Were you comfortable asking for his or her phone number? 

• Did you kick yourself because you didn't go for it, and you lost the moment to connect with a potential leader for your business? 

If you're mind recalled a particular situation, and you are shaking your head right now, then this book is for you. We give you scripts for various situations, and they give you tips on how to not be "That Guy" in the cold market. 

You come across dozens of potentials everyday in the midst of your normal day-to-day routines. Don't miss out on the perfect candidate!
Exciting Update:  Life-Unplugged and Live Bulletproof Now
Adam and I are closing the chapter on our Network Marketing Etiquette training (but keeping the content live for you to enjoy). In the near future, you will hear more about what really gets us fired up, which is helping people to live a 


We will be talking about:

• Becoming a whole and healthy person on the inside
• Becoming unashamed and unoffended aka Bulletproof 
• Creating a lifestyle of FREEDOM by generating passive income and becoming debt-free

If you want to join in on the conversation and get updates on when we will be launching this next phase of content simply click on the button below, as a bonus we will give you access to all of the products we created for our network marketing training.
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